Friday, 30 August 2013

Schwartz Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

At the Connorlow we love to cook. We cook the majority of our meals from scratch and very rarely eat ready meals. We use locally sourced meats from our local butcher, love meals where we can add extra veg and usually try to be reasonably healthy. Although we do like cooking we both work busy jobs and love nothing more than something that can look after itself once it is going so we can get on with other things. Therefore we love nothing more than our slow cooker which we use alot.

Yesterday I decided to give a Schwartz pack mix a whirl. Sadly enough I am fascinated by the aisle in the supermarket which has all the packet mixes mostly because I try them out then if we like what we've had I'll repeat it another time with a few changes it give it my own twist.

Yesterday we had Schwartz Slow Cooker Curry.

What I love about slow cooker cooking is that everything is so easy. For this recipe as indicated on the back of the packet you literally just throw everything in the cooker and leave it for eight hours to cook. That said yesterday I was a bit late putting dinner on so I changed things up a little bit.

I started by adding chopped chicken to large saucepan I use as a frying pan and stirred it around to seal it. I then added chopped onions, three small chopped potatoes and a chopped pepper to the pan which were additional ingredients outlined on the packet. As we like a bit more veg in our meals I also added a few chopped mushrooms and a chopped courguette.

Once the chicken looked like it was almost done (and I wasn't too fussy about this as I knew it was going into the slow cooker). I added the packet mix and a tin of chopped tomatoes. The packet actually indicates that you should mix the two first but I like to play it fast and loose (and didn't want the extra washing up) and after I had mixed it all about I don't think the meal suffered for it.

At this point I put everything into the slow cooker added a bit of water and cooked it all on high for about 4 hours with the occasional stir. Yes I know it's a no no to take off the lid when slow cookingbut as it was almost cooked when it went in I didn't worry too much about that. The packet does say to add spinach at the end which I would have done had we had any in the house. Never mind. By the end of cooking it looked like the picture above, smelt divine and was super tasty. As curries go it is quite flavourful but not hot which is nice. As it already had potatoes in it we served it in bowls with Naans rather than serving it with rice as we normally do when having curry.

A tasty and easy evening meal indeed and certainly one I will be repeating.

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